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Supplements Importer in Bulk

Add variable supplements for your employees in just a couple of minutes with the importer in bulk on the Payroll application.

What is the supplements importer in bulk? 

The supplements importer in bulk is a feature in Factorial that allows you to import various supplements to your employees from a Excel or .CVS file in just a couple of minutes. 

How can I import supplements in bulk? 

  • Head to Payroll section
  • Go to the Supplements tab
  • Click on the Import supplements button - 📍 located on the right side
  • Upload a Excel or .CVS file with the supplements
  • Click on Upload File

⚠️ In order to make a successfully import, the file must contain the namelast name, and amount of each employee and their respective supplement.

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  • Once you have uploaded the file you need to select the namelast name, and amount, of the first employee that appears in the file to process the data. 
  • Click on Process data

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After processing the data you need to assign the title of the supplement that you are importing for each Legal Entity.

  • Click on Assign title of supplement on the right side
  • Select the title of supplement for each Legal Entity
  • Click on Save

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  • Once it's completed, all the employees will be assigned automatically. 

👩‍🔧 It's important to have the same information (name, last name) of the employee on the file and inside Factorial. If there is any item that do not match, it will appear as an error row and you can do it manually. 

  •  Select the supplements that you wish to import to Factorial

👀 You can review all the information and check the total amount of the selected supplements on the left bottom. 

  • Click on Import supplements - 📍 located on the right bottom - to import all the selected supplements to Factorial. 
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💰 If more than one row were assigned to the same employee, the amounts will be merged into a single supplement. 

Delete imported supplements in Bulk

  • Go to Payroll
  • Click on (...) up on your right 
  • Click on Delete imported supplements 

imported supplements