Subscription Payment & Pricing in Factorial

Discover our plans and boost your HR management. Find out also how the payment method works with Factorial.

👉Pricing Plans in Factorial

👉 Terms & Use  

Payment Methods?

  • Annual 
  • Monthly

Cost & Down Payment

🚩 Costs may vary according to the plan, we recommend reviewing them through our public page. 

💳 Business Plan : Complete out-of-the-box solution for companies of all sizes.

💳 Enterprise Plan : Advanced and customisable solution that adapts to the specific needs and provides powerful process automation.

List of Different Solutions : 

  • Core HR & Time Hub
  • Core HR & Talent Hub
  • Complete Bundle 

What happens when the number of employees varies?

  • Monthly plans are charged only for the number of employees at the beginning of the month. There is no proration for the previous month.
  • Annual plans are similar to monthly plans, but Factorial HR will only issue an invoice for a given month when the number of active employees has exceeded the annual plan. Only then will the overage for that month be redeemed, and no credit will be issued. 

☝🏽A company has an annual subscription for 50 employees. In the next cycle of the month for the company, there are 48 employees. The invoice of the company will remain the same. There will be no refund.

⚠️However, if a company in the next cycle of the month has an increase in employees (e.g. 54 employees), there will be a new invoice which will include the new added employees to the company. 


How does my Subscription Renewal Work?

Whether the subscription is annual or monthly, renewal is done automatically when the billing cycle is completed.

In the case of an annual subscription, the billing cycle is one calendar year. If, for example, the contract is started on 12/05/2019, the renewal will automatically take place on 12/05/2020. 

In the case of a monthly subscription, the renewal will take place every month, depending on the day the contract with Factorial was established. For example, if this occurred on 07/05/2019, then the automatic renewal will be on 08/05/2019, then 09/05/2019, then 10/05/2019 and so on.