Sidebar menu

The new sidebar allows to save time on tasks by finding what you are searching for faster.

The Sidebar is located on the left of your Factorial profile, click on the bar and start searching for anything you need 👀

🚀 Do you want to save time while looking for features? Check out our search bar!


What is it about? 

A complete overhaul of the current sidebar, that improves how the user navigates through different pages, and makes it easier to discover what Factorial offers.


Now, you can go to specific pages inside sections in a lot easier way. If you click on a section, it opens a menu with all the subpages that belong to it. For example, it’s faster to visit the Org chart through the Employees section now.

Go click on a sidebar item to see it for yourself!  

Improved navigation

With the new sidebar, we help you navigate directly to second-level pages without making you waste time loading pages that you don’t need to visit and preventing you from getting lost between different sections to find the page you want to access.

Better visual information architecture

Now, Factorial has three different layers on the platform with a single purpose for each one: a sidebar to navigate through pages, the content area for the content of each page, and a new topbar with global elements, like the Global Search Bar or the user options. This makes it easier for you to navigate and understand the UI.

Better screen scalability

No more animation between pages. Every screen now adapts to the screen size, and UI elements stay fixed. Some common pages have been updated to work correctly with this improvement and be more consistent.

Responsive first approach

We've set the responsive foundations, with some pages adapting to the screen size

⚠️The responsive first approach isn't available for mobile yet!