Time-Off Allowances

In your different Time-Off Policies, you will have advanced settings at your disposal that will allow you to add Time-Off Allowances.

Understand what Time-Off Allowances are through a short story:

Sofía, Head of the Human Resources Department, needs to assign 60 days off to her worker Marcos who will soon be a father. Because these absences do not correspond to the vacation days that Marcos has annually by Policy, Sofia will have to find a way to place them in another period of absence.

To achieve this, Sofía navigated to Marcos' Time Off Policy and created a Time-Off Counter, adding a Type of Absence titled "Paternity."

Sofía has now generated a specific Time-Off Counter for paternity. 

Create a Time-Off Allowance

  1. Head to Company
  2. Select Time-Off
  3. Choose the Policy in which you will add the Time-Off Allowance
  4. In Basic Information, slide the cursor to find Time-Off Allowances
  5. Click on Add Time-Off Allowances

Once you have completed these steps ⬆️, you will have to fill in the requested fields to finish configuring the Time-Off Allowances ⬇

Vacations - 220

Remember that in each of your Counters, you must select Leave Types
👩‍🏫 How can I create different leave types in Factorial? 

Still, have questions? 

⏺ Can I make edits after I have created a Time-Off  Allowance? 

Of course, it is very simple. 

  1. Access the Policy where the Allowance to be modified is located 
  2. Click on ⚙️ located on the right side of the name of allowance
  3. Choose to Edit allowance

    Editar Ciclos

🔺 The only thing that cannot be edited are the Time-Off Cycles. This is because the counter relies on the assigned cycle to subtract or add the requested days of absences.

⏺ If I transfer my workers to other policies, what will happen to the days and types of absences established in the allowances?

If these workers already had Policies with allowances, you will have to reassign the allowance to one of the existing allowances found in the new Policy.

When reassigning the worker, a window will open asking you to choose the new "Time off Allowance" to which the days and types of absences will be transfered.

Re-Assign TOP

⏺ Now that I have created the Time-Off Allowances, how can my employees request time-off days? 

The method remains the same. The only thing that has changed is that you´ll can now view more than one allowance within your Absences.

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