Set Up the Survey Functionality

Get feedback from your employees through surveys.

Install Survey

  • Head to Apps
  • Scroll until Surveys
  • Click on Install App 

Surveys app

Create a Survey

  • Head to Feedback
  • Select Surveys
  • Click on the +Create Survey📍Located in the upper right corner

🔥 You can use our pre-designed surveys or create your own custom survey.

- Use pre-designed surveys:

  • By clicking in + Create survey a modal window will appear

  • Choose use our pre-designed surveys
  • A new modal will appear with different pre-designed surveys

Climate survey:

☀️ A climate survey is a comprehensive survey that assesses an organization's work environment and culture, covering topics such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and job satisfaction. It is conducted annually and is used to measure employees' engagement and identify any areas that need improvement.


  • By clicking in + Create survey a modal window will appear
  • Choose our pre-designed surveys
  • Select the climate survey

- Create custom survey:

  Learn more about: Dynamic Groups with Factorial 

Configuration Section

Basic Info 

  • Edit the Survey Name 
  • Add a Description 


Date and frequency

Modify the date, duration and frequency settings of the survey.

  • Select a start date and a start time
  • Set the duration (days to answer)

Date and frequency

  • If you want to repeat this survey:
    • Activate the option Repeat this survey
    • Choose the frequency 
    • Repeat until: you can choose the option No due date or set a specific date
    • Click Save


🗓️ The cycle respects the starting date for next repetitions.

⏳ The user can specify time to answer for each cycle.

🚨 Keep in mind:

  • Start date and time can be changed until the date arrives.
  • Cycle settings can be changed after launching. Some changes will require closing current cycle and starting a new one.


Privacy Settings

Configure if the answers will be anonymous. 

A minimum of 3 participants with their responses is required to see the results.

Privacy settings

🤓 More information about anonymous surveys.

Answer availability

Managers and team leads can see the responses and analytics of the employees they manage as soon as they're submitted.
 Answer availability



👩🏾‍💼 Different to managers, who will only be granted access to the results and statistics, editors can edit the questions and access the results. Admins will always have access.

💡 You may add as many editors as you wish and they can also be employees. 

  • Click on Add Editor

Add editor

How can I Remove a Editor?

➡ Click on (...) 
➡ Select Remove from Survey


Questions Section

  • Head to Questions section
  • Click on Add question

Jun-01-2022 18-02-49

How Can I Archive Questions? 

➡ Simply click on (...) 
➡ Select Archive question 

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-04 a las 10.48.44


Participants Section

💡 In this section, you will find all the participants listed in the company. You may also add participants manually.  

  • Click on +Add participants


Starting the Survey 

  1. Click on ▶️ Start survey 
  2. Read and check the settings and click on Continue

start survey

☝🏽By clicking on (...), you can manually send reminders to your participants.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 15.39.22


Duplicate Survey 

  • Press on (...)
  • Select Duplicate

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-04 a las 11.03.26

Responses section

  • Head to Feedback
  • Click on the Surveys section
  • Choose a Survey
  • Click on Responses
  • And finally select an employee answer


📩 Automatic email notifications 

  • Survey has been published
  • Three days before the end of the survey

🔗 Share the link or send a reminder

  • To remind your employees of the survey you can copy a link to the survey and share it on any communication channel of your choice.
    • If the survey is active, you will find the link clicking on (...) in the top right corner.
  • To send a reminder (email) , click on (...) > send email reminder 


👩‍🏫 Survey Analytics