Set Up the Survey Functionality

Get feedback from your employees through surveys.

Install Survey

  • Head to Apps
  • Scroll until Surveys
  • Click on Install App

Create a Survey

  • Head to Feedback
  • Select Survey
  • Click on the +Create Survey📍Located in the upper right corner

  Learn more about: Dynamic Groups with Factorial 

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Configuration Section

Basic Info 

  • Edit the Survey Name 
  • Add a Description 
  • Activate Anonymous answers

How do I add a Supervisor to my Survey?

💡 You may add as many supervisors as you wish and they can also be employees. 

  • Click on Add Supervisor

How can I Remove a Supervisor?

➡ Click on (...) 
➡ Select Remove from Survey

Questions Section

  • Head to Questions section
  • Click on Add question

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How Can I Archive Questions? 

➡ Simply click on (...) 
➡ Select Archive question 

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Participants Section

💡 In this section, you will find all the participants listed in the company. You may also add participants manually.  

  • Click on +Add participants

Starting the Survey 

  1. Head back to Configuration 
  2. Click on the Set Up and Start Survey 
  3. Complete the fields required: 
    ➡ Frequency 
    ➡ Start Date 
    ➡ End Date (if needed)

☝🏽By clicking on (...), you can manually send reminders to your participants.

Duplicate Survey 

  • Press on (...)
  • Select Duplicate

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Responses Section

  • Head to Responses
  • Click on ➡️

Survey Email Notifications

👇🏽 Below are the following email notifications you will receive in regards to a survey launch.

📩 Survey has been published

📩 Three days before the end of the survey

👩‍🏫 Survey Analytics