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Set Up Payroll Management

Learn how to install payroll management.

How to Install Payroll Management? 

  • Head to Apps 
  • Select Payroll Management 
  • Press in Install App 
  • Select the country and the bookkeeper(s) 

🤓 Depending on the location of your legal entity(ies), Factorial will skip the country selection and automatically choose the country of your payroll management. 

If you have more than 1 country, Factorial will allow you to choose the banner of the country that helps the most. 

💡You may select one or more bookkeepers when setting up the payroll management of your company. You can also skip this part if you don't wan to choose a bookkeeper at the moment and edit it later. 


Set Up Payroll Management 

Basic Settings:

In here you will see the Country and  Bookkeeper(s) you have previously selected. You can also add the Bookkeeper(s) later in this section if you didn't select them previously.

  • Go to App
  • Settings
  • Scroll down to Basic Settings
  • Click on edit Bookkeeper(s)


Employee Data:

Add information related to payroll: gross salary, social security number, bank account, etc.
By pressing go to employees you will be redirected to the employee section to make the necessary changes. 

Mar-21-2022 17-24-43

    How to create a new employee

    The new 'Create employee' modal is now more prescriptive and guides the user through the new contracting process. Giving the bookkeeper more information and data

    ‼️ Keep in mind that this is only available to clients who have Spanish legal entities.

    How to create employees in the payroll app

    • Click on Employee
    • New employee

    Current - Employee _ Create employee (1)

    • Click Add employee

    ❗️ If you click on Add employee and fulfill the conditions mentioned above, a new modal will be shown. 

    👀 You will need to complete ‘New hire’ information in this step, but it is not mandatory, you can do it from the employee’s section as you have been doing until now.

    Create employee _ Payroll - Step 2 (2) (1)Create employee _ Payroll - Step 3 - Job Catalog (1)

    ‼️ If you use Factorial Professionals, this information will be collected to generate new hire incidents.

    Payroll Workflows:

    In here you will find all the automations related to your payroll workflow.

    • 📨 Bookkeepers will receive notifications regarding these workflows. 
    • 🔛 Workflows can be indeed disabled
    •  💲   To create workflows, companies will need an enterprise plan.

     Default Folders  

    Payroll folders information

    • Press on the -->  to be redirected to the folder