Set up Custom Tables for your Company

Set up customized tables that will appear in the employee's profile. These tables will allow you to better track relevant information about your workers.

From where I can set up custom tables? 

  • Head to the Company Section 
  • Select Customization 
  • Scroll until you find Custom tables

Custom tables

How can I add/create custom tables? 

  • Press in add custom table
  • Introduce a title 
  • Click on create custom table
  • Press the arrow → to go within the custom table 

Create custom tables

Set up your Custom Table settings400w

  • Press in the (...) to delete the custom table 
  • Add Custom Fields: Create the fields that will be displayed in the table. 
    √ Title: Which training are you doing? 
    √ Field type: Text 

    Custom field - table

⇒ Edit your Custom Table Fields 

( Once the custom table field has been created, you cannot edit the Field type). 

💡 This custom field will only be visible and editable by the administrators.
Permissions can be modified in its section of each permission group. 

Company>Permissions>Custom Fields

  • Simply press in the  to edit or delete your custom table field 


Permissions in Custom Tables 

Add Records: Be able to add the custom table fields to the custom table.  

Remove Records: Be able to remove custom table fields from the custom table. 


⇒ How can Administrators and Employees add or remove records? 

>Add records: 

  1. Head to the profile of any employee 
  2. Press in the Others tab
  3. Click on Add record 
  4. Complete the fields
  5. Press in save records 

Add custom table fields

>Remove records: 

  1. Press in the  to go within the record 
  2. Click on delete record 
  3. Confirm delete record

Delete record