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SEPA Generator

Generate SEPA files to pay your employees by uploading a payroll summary file in .XLS format.

🔺 Before generating the SEPA, you will need the following information registered in your account: 
◼ Bank Account 
◼  SWIFT code 

Where Can I find the SEPA Generator? 

  • Head to Payroll 
  • Select More
  • Click on the SEPA Generator Section 

➡ 1st Select a File 

  •  Click on the box to download the SEPA document 

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➡ 2nd Confirm Data 

Start selecting the name, last name and amount of the first employee on the file.

  • First, select the custom value Name and click on the name of the employee 
  • Second, select the custom value Last Name and click on the last name of the employee 
  • Third, select the amount and click on the amount 

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In case you need it, Add More Custom Values 

  • Click on the + 
  • Select a Value 
  • Press on Add Value 

Mar-22-2022 10-01-58

  • Once you have selected your employees correctly, you will be able to click on Process Data  in order to move to the next step.

➡ 3rd Generate Sepa

Review the employee data and check their assignation. After, select the employees you want to generate the SEPA. 

◾ If the employee's data is not correctly entered, the automatic selection will not be successful. However, you can assign the employee. 

Mar-22-2022 10-06-24

  • Select with a check mark the employees you want to generate a SEPA for 
  • Press on Generate SEPA 
  • Select the bank account and legal entity