Search Bar

The Search Bar is a global search functionality with which users will have a direct access to all apps and features in Factorial, saving time and facilitating the discoverability.


💫 We also have improvements in our side menu! Discover our sidebar menu.

Where can I find the search bar? 

To open the search bar click Ctrl+ K (⌘ + K) on the keyboard 

  • Open your factorial account and tab those commands Ctrl + Kc( ⌘ + K) on your keyboard

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👀The Search Bar should show as a result any item that matches the search query. 

🔴If there are no results an empty space is shown.
  • At the bottom of the Search Bar there are indicated the commands that can be performed👇
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  • Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate through items.
  • Up and Down key to navigate through items too.
  • Return to enter or select an item.
  • Esc to close the Search bar.

Which Actions can I perform? 

⚠️ Actions will be shown under the Actions Category, which is going to be the first on the results list. 

Action's List: 

  • Clock-in, Clock-out, Break
  • Time off > add time off
  • Employees > new employee
  • Create event/post
  • Tasks > add task
  • Feedback > create survey
  • Recruitment > new job opening
  • Recruitment > add candidate
  • Reports > create dashboard
  • Files > upload documents, My documents > upload documents
  • My expenses > add new expense
  • Performance > create review

search bar

Contextual suggestions

🔎Depending on the page the user is, the Search Bar is going to show some links related to that page as suggestions to the user.

  • The Search Bar will show some default suggestions if there are no links configured for a specific page or the user doesn't have access to any of them (because permissions), and those are:
    • Go to Dashboard...
    • Go to Clock in...
    • Go to Time off...

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