Scheduled Overtime

In this short article you will be introduced to scheduled overtime, a feature issued from shift management. Scheduled overtime will also improve the calculation of the estimated hours in time tracking.

Shift Management 

💡Make sure that you have download and installed the Shift Management app.

If you wish to schedule overtime hours for your employees, you must follow the following steps below👇. The overtime hours will be indicated with a vertical orange line with the “overtime” label over it. 

  1. Head to Shifts
  2. Select a day
  3. Click on +Add Shift
  4. Select Custom Shift 
  5. Click on 'Set as Overtime Shift'

Can I assign overtime on festive days?

⚖️ For companies with rotative shifts (open 365 days a year and distributing their employees’ shifts along the week), bank holidays or weekends do not necessarily mean extra hours.

An employee could be scheduled to work on Christmas Day for example and that be a regular shift. 

Email Notification

👤 Administrators and managers that wish to send an email to all the affected employees once the shifts are published, will see the overtime shifts differentiated with an 'overtime' tag compared to a regular shift. 

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Time Tracking 

  • Head to Time Tracking 

💡 In Time Tracking, the estimated hours will count both regular hours and scheduled overtime hours. For those using scheduled overtime, an icon will be shown, that by clicking on it will indicate in detail the composition of the estimated hours divided in two rows for total regular hours and scheduled overtime

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  1. The shift management exposer in reports contains a new column that will indicate whether the shift is an overtime or not. 
  2. You may also aggregate the hours per planned shift to see the total overtime and regular hours given for an employee on a given period of time . 
  • Click on a Dashboard 
  • Click on (...)
  • Select Use Report Builder 
  • Select Type of Report

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