Reviews Analytics

Already know how to group questions? Good, now learn how to identify high & low performers and how to visualize the company's performance.

👩‍🏫 Configure the Reviews Functionality
(Click on questions to redirect you to how to create grouped questions). 

💡 The analytics will be generated on the basis of grouped questions. And these grouped questions will then be reflected in individually tables or charts. As for example: 
1. La Review - Manager Review 
2. La Review - Reportee Review 

review analytics


Where can I find analytics?

1. Once your employees have completed the evaluation and the evaluation is closed, the analytics will be displayed. 

💡 Only Admins and Review Supervisors can access to the analytics

  • Head to Performance 
  • Select Reviews 
  • Within the Review, you will find Analytics

2. Employees and people with permissions over the employee will be able to access analytics through the employee profile. 

  • Head to the employees section 
  • Select the employee in question 
  • Click Reviews
  • Find the Review Analytics

What will you find inside the review analytics?

  • Raw Results: Questions with answers are shown.

  • Score Results: Only quantitative results are shown. 
    ⇒ You can group them by: questions & sections 

💡 Within the sections you can add data aggregation: Average or Sum