Reviewing and Approving Time Sheets

From the Time Tracking section, admins and managers will be able to: filter the employees' time tracking data by daily, weekly, semimonthly, and monthly periods.

1. Select a Time Tracking Approval Period 

View the selected period start and end date by pressing the arrows that appear next to the month: < December 2021 >

Captura de pantalla 2022-01-13 a las 15.30.20

2. Review the Pending Timesheets 

💡To view the detail of the clock in section of each employee, click on the → located on the right side of each row.

  • Press the Pending tab
  • Filter according to your preferences 
  • Add a to select your employees in bulk or select one by one
  • Finally, press in Approve x timesheets.

timesheet approval

You can view the hour distribution by positioning the cursor on the purple and yellow color bars.

Light Blue: The extra hours worked that day. 
Dark Blue: the exact hours worked that day. 
Yellow: Less hours worked that day.  

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3. What if I have approved a timesheet by mistake

📢 Time sheets from a closed period that have been approved cannot be edited by the employee, but can be unapproved by the manager or the admin.

  • Head to the Approved Tab 
  • Select the employees to whom you wish to unnapprove their timesheets. 
  • Finally, press in Unapprove x timesheets

    Captura de pantalla 2022-03-04 a las 15.08.05

4. Notifications 

📧 Email Notifications 

 Admins and managers will receive:

  • An email at the beginning of the month if there are timesheets pending approval from previous months.

Employees will receive:

  • An email by the end of the month if there are timesheets to be completed for that month.
  • An email when their timesheets have been approved.

👨‍💻 Dashboard Pending Tasks 

Employees will receive:

  • An alert every time there are shifts pending to be completed.

👩‍🏫 When exporting the Time Tracking Report you will be able to select a specific period.