Restricted Visibility

Do you need to restrict visibility? Find the answer in this article.

💡 Administrators will always have a complete visualization. 

To Restrict the Visibility of your Employees within Factorial, you need to contact our Customer Support Team through

Restricted Visibility for Employees 

When activating the restricted visibility, the employee's account will perceive changes. They will have a main view of the dashboard, but no upcoming absences of their teammates, no notifications of birthdays or anniversaries.

Also to add, they will not have the employees section, therefore they will not be able to see information about the rest of the staff.

Restricted Visibility for Managers 

When activating the restricted visibility, Managers will still visualize the information corresponding to their employees assigned. Please find here a list of what they can see ⬇

→  Time off of the employees they supervise. 
→  List of employees they supervise (and employees who have as Manager someone they supervise). 
Time Tracking of the employees they supervise. 
Teams of employees they supervise. 
Events on the calendar. 
Feedback: Performances and Surveys they are a part of. 

Default Visibility