Requests for Medical Leaves

How can you request medical leaves, and what notifications specific profiles will receive.

How can you Request a Medical Leave?

  • Head to Time Off 
  • Click on (+Add Time Off) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  • Select the type of absence "sick leave"
  • Complete the fields 

Sick leave

💡 Documents related to the medical leave can be uploaded even when the medical leave request has been approved or has passed.

Notifications Flow

📨 For the Time Off Supervisor & Administrator: Notification of Approval or Rejection . 
📨 Administrator, Time Off Supervisor and Bookeeper: Notification regarding new added sick leaves.
📨 For the Administrator, Time Off Supervisor, Bookeeper and Employee: Any changes made for that sick leave. 

Sick Leave notification added

💡 To see more Information related to the Medical Leave and to Download or Upload attachments pertaining to it, you must simply click on View On Factorial and you will be redirected to the medical leave.