Request and Assign Time Off

Learn how to request and assign time off. Discover in this article the different functions available to request and assign time off for one or more employees.

Request Absences through Time Off 

  1. Go to Time Off 
  2. Click on + Time Off - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  3. Fill in the Custom Fields 

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Request Multi Day Leaves

💡In certain cases, you may request half days or hours of time off (e.g. exam revisions). 

☝🏽In order to visualise hours in the Time Off view, the time off allowance policy must have the allowance set in hours

Assign Absences to Employee(s) 

💡 Firstly, through the Omni button you will be able to assign an absence to one or more employees. Secondly, you will be able to assign time off in bulk. 

  • Head to the Omni Button 
  • Press on Add Time Off
  • Fill in the Custom Fields 
  • Finally press on add x days

Assign Absences from your Employee's Profile

  1. Go to Employees
  2. Search for the employee in question 
  3. Click on the employee
  4. Select Time Off 
  5. Click on Add Time Off 

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Use Case : Request a Medical Leave 

💡 Documents related to the medical leave can be uploaded even when the medical leave request has been approved or has passed. 

  • Select Sick Leave (absence type)
  • Complete missing fields


📨 Anyone from employee to administrator will receive an email notification.

☝🏽If no email reception occurs, the reception of emails was not configured to notify absences.