Reports Library

Discover through this article where you can find the report library to learn about all the reports that Factorial offers by default and how to add these to the dashboard.

Where do I find the Reports Library?

Factorial offers a Reports Library to all company plans. Companies that have a plan with reports will be able to edit the reports. However, companies that do not have a plan with reports, will only be able to see default reports from the library that will be automatically updated with the company's information.

  • Head to Reports
  • Click on a Dashboard 
  • Click on +Add New Report
  • Select Choose from Library

Save a Library Report to Dashboard 

  • Select a Report Category
  • Choose a Template 
  • Click on (+) Add Report to Dashboard
  • By pressing on (...) you can see the other actions you can perform located in the upper right corner of the report.

How can I share my report? 

  • Go to Reports 
  • Enter in your library 
  • Choose the report you want to share
  • Click on (...) on your right 
  • Click on share report


You can choose the people you want to send the report and assign to them different access 👇

Personal view: this means that the person you send the report can only see it based on its permissions.  

Shared view: in this way the person you send the report can see as you (admin) see it, without restrictions based on permissions. 

Remove access: that person won't be allowed to see the report anymore. 

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