Record and Edit your Clock In Manually

Learn how to record and edit your worked shifts manually

How Can I Clock In manually? 

  • Head to Clock In 
  • Select the day  where you will be filling your working hours - 2022-07-06T172636.611

How Can I Edit my past shifts? 

  • Simply head to the day  where you will be editing the wrong shifts 
  • Finally click on Submit - 2022-07-06T172832.056

How Can I Delete past shifts? 

  • Place the mouse on the shift  you want to remove 
  • Once the trash paper appears, click on it 


Learn how to Add Observations and Projects 

  • Click on the (...)  -📍 located on the right corner
  • Select Add/Edit Observations  to add additional information about the current day 
  • Select Add/Edit Projects  to keep track of the projects your working on in that current day 


👩🏾‍🦳The Manual Breaks Feature