Performance Evaluation Use Case

In this article you will see a use case on the best practices on Performance Evaluation. Louis, the Sales Manager, wants to do a performance evaluation on his business development team.

The end of quarter is approaching at Rocket HR and Louis is having some difficulty in defining new goals for his team. He feels that with the fast growth pace of the team, he doesn't have such a clear idea on how engaged his employees are with their personal goals, and therefore, it is harder to define responsibilities for the future.

Jean, his account manager at Factorial, advised him to create a Performance Review  for his Business Development team. This will allow Louis to have an inside view on the performance of his employees, identify areas for improvement and create accountability.

💡Factorial´s Performance tool allows you to generate valuable data and gather feedback from employees. 

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In order to have the maximum out of this review, Jean and Louis worked together to formulate the right questions that will lead to meaningful insights and serve as a base to establish the new goals for the next quarter.

Creating the Review

With Factorial, you can adapt your questions to the respondent, creating a custom made, impactful review. Let's see the case of Luz, for example.

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Luz is the Fullstack developer at Rocket HR. Her review includes not only her manager´s perspective, but hers and her peers as well, all in one place! This allows a 360º performance, especially since the questions to each of the reviewers are customized in order to achieve optimal results.

To do this, simply select the category of respondents in which you want to add questions and personalize them to their specific roll. You can also add your own sections.  Here are some examples of how Louis adapted his questions to each participant type:

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Feel free to consult our Help Center to make sure you've created the right kind of questions to solve your company's needs. Think of it in different perspectives, for instance, if you're creating questions for Luz herself, keep in mind what information you want to obtain and ask direct,  specific questions that require a complete answer. Not just yes or no. 

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After having completed all these steps you will have access to the final report, which you can directly download for future reference:

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Captura de ecrã 2021-11-17, às 17.21.33This will give you a general overview on the performance of the team, allow you to see the future evolution and to better assign projects and goals in the future, resulting in more awareness and therefore more productivity. If you wish to go even further, you can create your reports with our SQL builder, talk to your Digital Account Manager for more details.

🤵🏻‍♂️ Keep in mind that you need an Enterprise plan to use this feature. 

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