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Payroll Supplements

From Supplements to Observations. Everything you can find about supplements within the Payroll Management functionality.

💡 Factorial allows to choose currency per legal entity. Within Factorial, in the sections related to supplements and salary, you will see the currency symbol pertaining to each user. The currency of an employee will be the currency of her/his legal entity. 

1. Where can I find Payroll Supplements? 

  • Head to Payroll 
  • Find Supplements in the main page


2. Add Payroll Supplements

💡 To make it quicker to enter payroll supplements to different groups of employees (like employees in a specific office or team), use the drop-down to filter by these groups. 

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  • Click on (+) - 📍 Located in the right corner 
  • Introduce: Quantityor units and select the type of supplement 
  • Press enter

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3.  Delete Payroll Supplements

  • Place the mouse on the supplement that you recently added 
  • A trash symbol will appear, click on it 
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4.  Add an Observation 

You can also add observations about the supplements. To give more context to the bookkeeper as to why you are adding these supplements. 👉 Supplements observations will appear in the payroll data document

  1. Look for the comment icon on the right side of the supplement row. Click to add an observation.
  2. Add an observation and click on "Save observation" to finish adding it.
  3. See how observation icon appears in Factorial blue to indicate that a supplement has an observation.

    Mar-21-2022 17-03-40

    5. Validate Supplements 

    Now you can review and validate supplements before sending the payroll information to your Bookkeeper. With the multi-role validation of supplements you can notify other inside your company and request them to validate their team's supplements.

    How do I validate Supplements?

    • Click on the Validate button to add your validation.
    • Once you have validated the supplement, you will be able to see the record of the people who validated the same supplement and the date when all the validations were added.

    6. How to Assign Permissions to Validate Supplements

    1. Head to Company
    2. Go to Permissions
    3. Select the Permissions Group
    4. Go to permissions section: Payroll 
    5. Click on Validate Supplements to grant this permission


    ☝🏽Only users with Permissions to validate supplements will be able to do so.