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New payroll results

Now you can add different versions of the results file.

Payroll results might have different versions along the same payroll period. 

How to import payroll results?

  • Go ahead to the Payroll tab
  • Click on the Results section
  • An empty tab will appear, asking you to import the payroll results

Results - No results

  • To import results just click in Import payroll results, either in the header or in the body button
  • Upload your file
  • And click Continue


👀 Remember that the document must be CVS or XLS

Map the file columns with Factorial concepts

👤 Indicate where is the data you want to import only for the first employee that appears on the file.

  • You will see that there are required and optional data you must select in order to match data with your employees inside Factorial.

It is also important the not required data to get the most out of it! 💪

  • Required:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Net salary
  • Optional:
    • Employee cost
    • Base salary
    • Gross salary
    • ID


  • Click Continue
  • Time to check and review the read data


✅ You will be able to see the status of the data 

👀 You can scroll down the employees name, being able to see all the columns created


After checking that the data is correct it is time to import the results.

  • Review the employees you have mapped
  • Click on Import # results
  • Once that you have already imported the results a tab will appear with the amounts.


❗️ Keep in mind that now all the employees that are on the Payroll Policy will be shown on this tab, even if they don't have any result.

Merging new result files

👀 By clicking on the upper right button + Import results, you will be able to import more results just by following the same previous steps.


  • Click on + Import results
  • All the process will begin again

👀 Now you will see in a more clear way the status of your employees' payroll results

  • New: if it has a new payroll result
  • Update: if it is an update of a previous payroll result
  • or Unknown
  • Click Import (#) results
  • Now your last version is updated


Payroll results history

👏 Once you have imported your results, a history icon will appear located in the upper right corner, right next to the + Import results

  • Click in the history icon
  • The list of files you have imported will appear

Edit Payroll results history

  • Choose the file you want to edit
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right
  • Choose between: Download the file, or Delete the file
  • Ok