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Payroll Results

Learn how to import the Payroll results data, resulted from the payroll calculation done by your Bookkeeper, into Factorial.

What can I import into Factorial?

  1. Salary data to obtain a full salary breakdown:
    1. Base salary
    2. Gross salary
    3. Net salary 
  2. The Payroll Company Costs 

How to Import Payroll Results

🔺If you don't see the payroll results menu item in your account, please contact your account manager or our support team. They will process your request to enable this feature for you.

  • Go to the Payroll app
  • Click on the Payroll Results tab
  • Once inside Payroll results click on ⬆️ Import New File

⚠️ The imported file has to be in .xls or .csv format.


  1. Indicate where is the data you want to import only for the first employee that appears on the file:
    • Employee name (Required)
    • Employee last name (Required)
    • Base salary (Optional)
    • Gross salary (Optional)
    • Net salary (Required)
    • Company cost (Optional)

👀 Note that some data is required in order to match data with your employees inside Factorial. Import also the not required data to get the most out of it! 💪


  1. In this step, you will have a preview of the file imported. Indicate where is the data that you want to import only for the first employee that appears in the file.
  2. Once selected click on Process data button and Factorial will automatically import the data selected for all the employees that appear in the file
  3. Once processed Factorial will show you a preview where you can apply any corrections if needed, such identifying missing data on the origin file or correct employee assignation.
  4. Once all is reviewed click on Import payroll results button to import data into Factorial. Once imported data will be shown in Payroll results section.



Reports and Payroll Results

💡Benefit from our default Payroll Company Costs reports available inside the Economic & Financial Report's library or create custom reports out your Payroll results data.

  1. Head to Reports
  2. Select the dashboard where you want to include your Payroll Results reports.
  3. Click on +Add New Report
  4. Press on Choose from library to use our Payroll company costs reports or click on Use Report Builder  to build your own custom Payroll company costs reports.

How to build a custom Payroll company costs report:

  • When selecting data look for Payroll results and select the data imported you want to use to create your custom report.
  • Aggregate or filter it with any other data available in Factorial you desire.

    Capture d’écran 2022-05-04 à 16.31.58

    💡Factorial provides a selection of report types to best fit your data. In the example below👇🏽, we selected a pie chart to best represent the data.