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Payroll Reports

All the current month payroll variations to share with your bookkeeper.

👉 When installing the payroll app, Factorial generates a Payroll dashboard with a set of predefined reports useful to manage payroll. 

🤓 All these reports have a time frame filter applied. They are showing information between the 1st day of the current month to the last day of the current month. 

Where can I find Default Payroll Reports? 

  1. Head to Reports
  2. In Dashboards, select Payroll Panel

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What Can I do with these Default Payroll Reports? 

📢 Companies who have an Enterprise plan will be able to customize and apply a different time frame filter to all payroll reports.

    Head to any of the default reports and press in the (...) to see the actions that you can perform. 
    🗯 Make sure to share these reports with your bookkeeper! 

    How to Download Payroll Data from the Payroll Dashboard?

    Users have two options to download payroll data from the Payroll dashboard:

    • Download a single report within the dashboard in .csv or .xls

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      • Download all the reports inside the Payroll dashboard in one single .xls file


      How Can I Make my Bookkeeper's Job Easier? 

      👉 Once you have validated the Supplements, your Bookkeeper will receive an email so that he/she can start processing the period's payroll. To make his job more comfortable, as an Administrator, you can easily download all the payroll reports from that period and send them to him/her.