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Payroll Reports

All payroll variations for the current month to share with your Bookkeeper.

💡📊 Default Payroll Reports  will be updated monthly. 

Where can I find Default Payroll Reports? 

  1. Head to Reports
  2. In Dashboards, select Payroll Panel 
  3. Find predetermined reports on Terminations, Medical Leaves and more. 👇📸

    Report on Terminations Date

What Can I do with these Default Payroll Reports? 

  • Click on the  (...) to 👇

check-png  Edit them

check-png   Clone them 

check-png   Move them from dashboards 

check-png   Download them (.csv) 

check-png   Remove them 


How Can I Make my Bookkeeper's Job Easier? 

👉 Once you have validated the Supplements, your Bookkeeper will receive an email so that he/she can start processing the period´s payroll. To make his job more comfortable, as an Administrator, you can easily download all the payroll reports from that period and send them to him/her.