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Payroll Period Status

Streamline your Payroll workflow by inviting other roles within the company to participate in it in a controlled way.

⚪ In order to work with the Payroll Period Status, you must have the Payroll tool installed

💡Change the status of the payroll workflow according to your needs and invite other people in the organization to perform certain actions

1. Preparation

Allows HR to prepare for the payroll workflow and decide when others within the company can start adding supplements.


2. Supplements Definition 

HR can notify other roles within the company, such managers or team leads, to start adding supplements for their team members, boosting that way the payroll data collection process.


3. Under Review 

HR can notify other roles within the company, such higher management roles, to review and validate the supplements before sending the information to the Bookkeeper.

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4. Payroll Calculation 

Allows HR to notify the Bookkeeper that the data is ready for payroll calculation and lock the data to prevent any undesired changes.

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5. Paid

After making the payroll payment, HR can move the payroll workflow to the Paid status to indicate that the payrolls have been paid.

💡 The payroll workflow status is flexible, it can be changed forward and backwards at any time based on your needs, you can also skip any step that doesn't apply to your company payroll workflow.