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Find links to the most relevant articles regarding the use of payroll accounts.

Manage your Employees 

New Hires in Factorial

Contracts on Payroll Accounts

How to Customize Payroll Contracts?

Roles in Factorial: What kind of users exist in Factorial?

Can I Assign Different Permissions to My Employees?

Can I Have Different Offices on the same Account?

How Can I Create My Organizational Chart?

Manage Time Tracking 

Time Tracking Guide

Manage Time Off 

Create and Configure your Company Time Off Policies

Request and Assign Absences

Requests for Medical Leaves

Download the Time Off Report of your Employees

Manage Payroll 

How to Register a Bookkeeper in Factorial?

Set Up Payroll Management

SEPA Generator

How to Download the Payroll Data?

Payroll Reports

Payroll Management FAQ´s

Manage Documents 

Discover the Files Feature

E-Signature for Administrators