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Payroll Management FAQ´s

Series of questions that can answer your doubts about how the payroll program works in Factorial.

Factorial does not offer a complete payroll administration management but a communication tool between Companies and Advisors. This tool, called a database, specializes in centralizing employee information and updating it in real-time. 

Payroll FAQ´s

Can I generate my company's payroll through the Payroll Management program?
No, Factorial cannot generate payroll. It is the agencies or partners who can generate them and then upload them through Payroll Management.

Can I register, cancel, and communicate the contract of my company's employees through the Payroll Management program?
No. The Payroll Management functionality works only as a means of communication and storage for the agency to have updated data, such as: Registrations, Cancellations, and Communication of ContractsFrom Payroll Management you can not perform any procedures or communications. 

 Does the Payroll Management program of factorial allows me to make procedures with the Social Security of the hired workers? 
No. As we mentioned in the previous answer, from Payroll Management you can not make procedures or communications. 

Which payroll country bundle should I install if my company's legal entities match more than one bundle? 

When a company has legal entities in several countries and one or more of them match an available country bundle, we recommend selecting a specific country bundle for the legal entity that has more complexity to run payroll.

🔺The resources of the specific country will be installed only for the employees of that legal entity.

If none of the country bundles match the country of the company's legal entities, you can install the generic "Other" bundle.

How can I change the Bookkeeper in the Payroll app settings?

Uninstall the application and reinstall it. When reinstalling the application it will ask you to select a bookkeeper again, then you will be able to select the user you prefer.
Remember that the bookkeeper must be a user

How can I change the country bundle in the Payroll app settings? 

Uninstall the application and reinstall it. When reinstalling the application you will be prompted to select a country package again, then you can select the package of your choice.