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Payroll Issues

A scalable tool that informs you at any moment about the payroll issues that need to be tackled as soon as they happen.

What are Payroll issues?

Payroll issues are missing information that interferes in the Payroll Cycle.

Some of the most commons problems you can detect are:

  • Missing integration codes (A3nom, Silae, Datev, etc.).
  • Missing/wrong bank account numbers.
  • Missing taxonomies

❗️ HR admins now have a way to know in advance what are the issues that will interfere during the payroll cycle.


In the overview section there will be a notice box to inform about the payroll issues. This will appear under the header and will count all the issues doesn’t matter if these are related to that policy or a different one.

Payroll app - with issues

How to manage Payroll issues?

  • Click in the box message View Payroll Issues
  • A new tab will appear with all the issues
    • The missing/wrong data
    • The employee 
    • A solution for that issue
    • By clicking on the arrow located on the right, you will be redirected to the section in where you need to manage the issue.

Payroll data issues - table