Overtime Request & Approval

It allows admins to define if the authorization of overtime is mandatory, so only approved hours are taken into account towards balance calculations

❗️Managers and admins need greater control over the employee's time tracking. 

Define if the approval of overtime is mandatory, so that only approved hours will count towards the balance calculation. In this way, you can control that overtime is not worked in excess of required hours.


In case that you want to compensate your employees with time off. Check this out❗️

First steps

  • Get to your Apps feature
  • Select the Time Tracking app
  • Click on Settings 

Once you're in Settings a new section appears, Time Tracking approvals 👇


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How to enable the feature?

  • Head to the Time Tracking Policy
  • Choose the Policy in which you are working
  • Get to the Preference tab
  • A section appears on the Balance section 

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❗️Once you have enabled this option, the overtime hours worked will appear on the time sheets as pending until they are approved or rejected.


Time tracking approvals

👀 You can create, manage and define different approval groups and approval flows.

How to create a new approval group?

  • Click on Add new approval groupezgif.com-gif-maker (2)-Oct-25-2022-01-34-09-79-PM
  • A tab will pop up
  • Fill in the information:
    • Approval group name
    • Description


🚀 Get to the next section and define the Approval flow

How to modify the approval flow?

  • Click the 3 gray dots on the right of your flow
  • Modify approval level
  • Click on Approver type

Two options will appear:

    • User
    • Relative role: Manager, Time-off supervisor, Admin
  • Choose the one that better fits you
  • Click on Modify approval level

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