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Overtime compensation with time off

Your employees can be compensated for overtime with time-off that they have accrued.

🚀 Hour pools are allowances that are used to compensate for overtime worked by your employees. Additional hours logged by employees will be compensated with additional time off.

First steps

  • Get to the App section
  • Click on Time Tracking
  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Policy you want to configure

In your Policy a new section will appear 👇

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‼️ If  your company requests time-off approval, check this out.

How to activate Time Off Compensation

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  • Enable the gray button on the right 👉





👀 When you activate the Time-Off compensation, a tab will appear with different fields that you must fill in to put it to work. 

Setting up Time Off Compensation

  • Choose how often you want the hour pool to update:
    • Daily: you get a daily update
    • Monthly: hours are sent to hour pool on the very last day of the month
  • Set a maximum time accumulated: hours or minutes.
  • In case you want it to be unlimited, just enable the unlimited option.

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❗️If you choose the option to set the limit of hours/minutes. When an employee exceeds the limit, the hours will be discarded.

  • Click on Create a time off allowance
  • Choose your Policy

👀 Keep in mind that you need to previously create an allowance overtime compensation Policy in order to activate the time off compensation.

  • Click on Create

⏰ Check your employees' time off

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  • Head to the Employees tab
  • Choose the Employee you want
  • Click on the Time Off section
  • And a new counter will appear with the Overtime compensation 👉


How to assign accrued hours to the balance pool

  • Enable the Balance limit option
  • Choose the hours/minutes you want to assign
  • Submit and done!
  • You can check it on the Time Tracking section by employee

👀 The first hours that begin to accrue as overtime appear in the hours pool and then move to the time-off counter.