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New Payroll guided process

We introduce to you a new Payroll page, where we will guide you through the entire process: from accessing the payroll and setting the supplements, to completing the payroll and paying the employees.

New submenu

Payroll will now be divided into 2 sections: Payroll Cycle and Incidences

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  • Cycle → New payroll cycle home page that welcomes you into payroll and helps orientating you in the current status, guiding to perform the next expected action. 
    • Management of supplements, payments & status of the payroll cycle
  • Incidences → Only for clients that have Factorial Professionals. Direct access to manage the incidences without dependence on payroll policy. 
    • New section for incidence management.

New home page

Payroll Cycle show the new Payroll home page, with the default policy selected. The current payroll period will also be selected by default.

Payroll home - Permissions - In preparation

The new home page have different levels of navigation:

  • Payroll cycle / Incidences (only for Factorial Professionals) → Same as submenu. The new home page is related to Payroll cycle.
  • Period navigation → that allow navigating to previous or next periods. The default policy will be selected by default and also the current payroll period.

👀 If the company has more than one policy, with the ‘Change policy’ button, the user can select another different policy.

  • Status time line.* →The top part of the page will show a timeline with the current status highlighted. It will be purely informative.

👉 The content section will be adapted to the current status, to the user permission, and to the type of payroll.

  • Status management → For users with permission to manage the payroll status, the home page will show a module at the bottom inviting to update the status when finished, and a Change status button. 

*Status Time Line

  1. In Preparation. The payroll cycle is not open yet. Nobody will be able to define supplements until the status is changed.
  2. Defining supplements. Dynamic content
    1. Allowed users (Edit supplements permission)→ Can define the payroll supplements
    2. Not allowed-users (See supplements permission)→ Only can see supplements
  3. Under review. Users can review the supplements and can validate it if they have permission.
  4. Payroll calculation. Dynamic content
    1. With Factorial Professionals → Payroll it’s ready to be calculated. The BK receives a notification and the admins needs to wait until their BK have calculated payroll.
    2. Without Factorial Professionals → Payroll it’s ready to be calculated.
  5. Payment. Dynamic content
    1. Allowed users (Manage payroll results Distribute payslips permissions)→ Payroll payment is being managed. Can access to review the results and pay the employees and distribute payslips.
    2. Not allowed-users → Payroll payment is being managed.

📝 Users with permission to Manage payroll status can move forward and backward as before.