Multi-account versus Legal Entities

Learn through this article what it means to manage multi-accounts and legal entities within the platform.


🗯 Let's define the Multi-account concept through an example:

Lucie, a freelancer recruiter, has chosen Factorial HR as her platform to facilitate her day-to-day administrative procedures. Because Lucie works with several companies that have no relationship between them, she has chosen to apply the Multi-account option. This is how Lucie, from a single user, manages all her different company accounts.

FAQ - Multi-account 

🔸 How can I activate a Multi-account?
You must contact Support, and they will manage the activation of your Multi-account.

🔸 Does the Multi-account have a cost?
Yes, each account you create will have a cost. To find out more, click ➡ How do subscription payments work for Factorial HR?  -Notice that different accounts will receive their own billing-

🔸 How do I access from one account to another?
On top of everything, right where your account's name appears, click on the small arrow and select other accounts you want to access. 
📝 Remember that you can find your workers  in the Employee section of the company account to which they belong. So to visualize them, you need first to access the account in which they were created. 


👁‍🗨 There is no new science in the Multi-account; the use remains the same as that of a single account, except for having the option of accessing two or more company accounts.

Legal Entities 

🗯 Let's define the concept of Legal Entities through an example:

Rafa, the restaurant chain founder of Calatrini, needs a Factorial account that allows him to manage the various restaurants he runs throughout Europe. For this, he has chosen to create an account adding the different Legal Entities of his restaurants. This is how Rafa has managed to ensure that its different workers can perform the Clock-In without a problem—always being legally prepared for future inspections.

FAQ - Legal Entities 

🔸 How can I add a Legal Entity?
In the Company-Details section, you will have the option to add Legal Entities. You have to click the sign (+) - 📍located in the upper right corner.

Entidad Legal

🔸 How do I access my Legal Entities?
Once the entities have been created, you can view them from the Company-Details section 👇

🔸 Do Legal Entities imply a cost?
An answer as short and straightforward as NO.
💳 To generate billing for your account, you must select a Legal Entity as the main one.

🔸  Do we allow to have a currency per legal entity?
Yes, we allow to choose currency per legal entity. Within Factorial, in the sections related to supplements and salary, you will see the currency symbol pertaining to each user. The currency of an employee will be the currency of her/his legal entity. 

🔸 How do I add new employees within my Legal Entities?
Employees will always be created in the Employees section. But before creating them, we must ensure that we have Groups established within our Legal Entities since we will have to assign each new worker within a group.

🔸 How do we create groups in Legal Entities?
1. We go to one of our Legal Entities
2. Click on the 'Employees' section
3. We select the (+)  - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
4. Add new group of Employees
5. Enter a name
6. Add employee group

Now that we have created Groups, how do we add the new employees within these Groups?
1. Employees
2. We select the (+)  -📍  located in the upper right corner
3. Create new employee
4. Complete the fields and select your group of interest

→ How do we add existing employees to Groups?
We head to the 'Employees' section within one of our Legal Entities and choose to Add Employees.

Grupos- Entidades Legales-1

🔸 Now that my workers are part of different Legal Entities, how do I manage them?
There is also no new science in an account with Legal Entities. It will be the same as managing a single account. You will notice that you can locate all your workers within the Employees section.

💡 Regarding the Reports of Time-Tracking and Time-Off: 
You will have at your disposal the option of Groups, this is how you can download different reports based on the information of your different groups.

🔴 If you need to remove an employee or move them from one Legal Entity to another, contact Support.