Manual Breaks

Learn about 'manual breaks' in the Clock In section. You can now pause your working hours for lunch, restroom and more. This tool will help you to keep track of your daily breaks at work and manage your time more efficiently.

🙌🏼Breaks are a global solution, the functionality is available in all markets and in all Factorial plans that include Time Tracking.

How can I access the Breaks feature?

🙌🏼Factorial provides the opportunity of using manual breaks or automatic breaks

  1. Head to the Apps section 
  2. Scroll down until you find Time Tracking 
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on the Default Time Tracking policy or one of your previously created time tracking policies 
  5. Select the Breaks section
  6. Click on Enable breaks

💡 Factorial breaks by default will be manual breaks

Manual Break through the Dashboard 

  • Head to the Dashboard 
  • Click on the Break button 

💡In order to be able to add a break to your timesheet, you will have to clock in first.

💡The break time that you take does not affect the work time balance. When you activate the Break button, you are pausing the Working Hours counter. 

Manual Break from the Clock In Section 

  • Head to the Clock In section 
  • Click on the Break button 

☝🏽The employee will get a desktop and mobile alert if the break doesn’t comply with the defined policy.

How to Manually insert Breaks during your Working Hours

  • Head to Clock In section 
  • Press on the '+ '
  • Select add break 
  • Press on Submit

With the "+" button you can jointly add a new shift and a new break at the same time of your working  hours. 

☝🏽Important to Remember 

  1. Clock In Hours of an Employee are not affected with Break Hours an Employee takes. 
  2. If Administrators can't edit the timesheets, they cannot add breaks either. They can download the time tracking export with the information about breaks and working hours.

📳 The Clock In is also available in Factorial's App, both for iPhone and Android 

👉🏽The behaviour should be consistent with the dashboard and timesheets.

  1. Head to the Factorial app on your phone
  2. Head to the 🏠
  3. Click on the Break option
  4. Once you have completed your break slide to go back to work
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💡Employees need to refresh the browser and to reopen the mobile app in order to have the new Break button installed.

By clicking on the side arrow 🔼you will have a general overview of your break times during your working hours. 

Manual Breaks in exports and reports

  1. Time tracking export in PDF – new tag for Break
  2. Time tracking export in Excel – new column for Shift type (break or shift)
  3. In reports, there’s a new field Shift type to differentiate or filter the break shifts. The Total break time data is also available.
  4. On a break status filter for employees.