Make the Most of Communities

Read this article to understand better how to use communities within Factorial.


Where can I find Communities? 

📍 You will find Communities in your Dashboard. 



How Can I Create a Community? 

👉 The Communities: Company Announcements and Celebrations will come by default. This means you cannot delete them or make any adjustments. 

  • Click on the arrows 
  • Press on Create Community 
  • Introduce the information required
  • Press on Create Community

Create a Community

How can I add members to my Community?

  • Click on the (...) 
  • Choose Add Members 
  • Select the members

Add members-2


How can I perform other actions within a Community? 

👉 As you can see in the screenshoot, with the (...) you can: Edit, Remove Members, Leave or Delete the community.


👉 As you can see in the gif below, with the magnifier you can join other communities.


How can I create a post?

  • Click on Create Post 
  • A new page will appear

New post

  • Here you can:
    • Add a picture (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, SVG), size: 1220x686px
    • Insert a title
    • If the post is an event, flag the option and enter date, time and locationEvent-2
    • Add a description: highlight important concepts and make the post more readable using bold, italic, underlined words

💡Now you can also attach files to the post. Click on 📎 icon and choose your files (Max: 200 MB in total).

Attach file

  • Click on Continue 📍Located in the upper right hand corner

❗The button Continue will be disabled until you introduce a title and a description.

🗓️ In the case of event, a date will be needed too.

  • Select the Community 
  • Flag or not the options and click on Publish



Admins and the user who has created a post, will see the ellipsis button at the top right. That button will allow to:
    • Turn the comments off
    • Edit post
    • Delete post (with confirmation modal)


👀 Keep in mind:

👉  Admins can delete automatic posts like birthdays

👉  Admins can delete other peoples comments and moderate contents 


🔺 We continue to work in Communities, so you may notice some changes. If you don't find the answer in this article, please contact the Support team.