Locations & Comments in Shift Management

Define the location for your employees' work shifts. A work area can vary between the location or work area. Furthermore, leave comments on your employees shifts.

📍A work area is an internal area in an office or company. This could vary between departments on an office, different rooms/spaces on a restaurant (kitchen, bar, etc) and different roles (paralegal, secretary, waiter) or even different activities that employees perform.

🥅 The purpose of a work area is to allow administrators to keep track of who is working in which workplace and work area. 

1. Create Work Areas in your Workplaces

  1. Head to Company
  2. Select Workplaces
  3. Choose the Workplace in question 
  4. Head to Work Areas
  5. Click on +add work area 
  6. Assign a name to the new work area 
  7. Add a Work Area 


1.1 Edit Work Area 

  • Click on the (...) of the Work Area 
  • Click on edit work area  
  • Edit the Name of the Work Area 

Capture d’écran 2021-12-14 à Archive Work Area 

  • Click on the (...) of the Work Area 
  • Click on archive work area  


🔺If a work area that is currently in use is archived, you will not be able to withdraw it from the Shifts that are already planned. However, the archived work area will not appear in future plannings. 

  • To Unarchive the Work Area press on the (→)
  • Then press on the Folder Basket


Caution : An Archived Work Area will not be visible as an option for Shifts. 

2.  Adding & Changing Workplaces in Shifts 

2.1 Default or Custom Shifts and Workplaces 

  1. Press on a day of the week or employee 
  2. Select the +Add Shift 
  3. Click on Default/Custom Shift
  4. Select the relevant information
  5. Click on Assign 


💡With Default Shifts, you can select the Work Places and Work Areas that have been previously created in the company. 

2.2 Assign a Template with Work Areas & Comments in Shifts 

  1. Click on +Assign Template
  2. Select the Shift Template
  3. Insert a start date & end date
  4. Choose a Workplace
  5. Choose a Work Area
  6. Insert Comments 
  7. Select the Employees that will be assigned the Template
  8. Click on Assign 


3. Adding & Changing Comments in Shifts 

⭐️ Being able to insert Comments in your employee's shifts will firstly enable you to keep track of notes or thoughts regarding the employees shift. Secondly, by providing comments to your employees, as an Administrator you are providing great visibility and employees will have extra information concerning their shifts. 

1. You can repeat the exact same procedure as above for Workplaces for Comments 

2. You can add at the same time Workplaces & Comments to your Shift(s)

  • Select the Shift you wish to add Comments 
  • Click on (...)
  • Select Add Comment
  • Add your comment and click on Assign 



  • By clicking on the Shifts, all the information concerning the Shift will be visible

4. Email Notifications 

  • Employees will receive an email notification concerning shift(s) that have been assigned to them and the information about the shifts (e.g. location or comments)

Capture d’écran 2021-12-14 à 17.06.53

5. Reports 

  1. Head to Reports
  2. Select relevant Dashboard (e.g. Shift Management)
  3. Select the report Shifts with Workplaces 

screenshot-app.demo.factorialhr.com-2021.12.14-16_40_19Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 16.58.50

6. Mobile App

  • Through your mobile phone you can visualise the information concerning your shifts such as the time and location
  • You can visualise your Shifts by heading to Home  and clicking on the 🗓icon on the far right of your scree. 

No editing or creation of shifts and workplaces can take place via your mobile phone. These adjustments can only be done via the Desktop.