Legal Entities in Factorial

Legal Entities allows you to differentiate different companies or entities inside the same Factorial account. Find out how to create one here.

🤵🏼‍♀️ You have to be an Admin in order to use this feature.

🔸Add a new Legal Entity
  • Go to Company > Legal Entities > Add new Legal Entity
  • Add the necessary info and the correspondent currency


→ When you add an employee you can directly select the entity he/ she will belong to. You can also create groups of employees inside the same entity. 

🔸How to create groups of Employees in Legal Entities? 

  1. We go to one of our Legal Entities
  2. Click on the 'Employees' section
  3. We select the (+)  - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  4. Add new employee group 
  5. Enter a name
  6. Then within the employee group click on add employees

⚠️When attempting to delete the Employee Group, you must assign the employees from that respective group to another Employee Group. Once you have assigned employees to a new group, you can delete the Employee Group. 

🔸How do I add new employees within my Legal Entities?

Employees will always be created in the Employees section. But before creating them, we must ensure that we have Groups established within our Legal Entities since we will have to assign each new worker within a group.

Now that we have created Groups, how do we add the new employees within these Groups?

  1. Employees
  2. We select the (+)  -📍  located in the upper right corner
  3. Create new employee
  4. Complete the fields and select your group of interest


What is the difference between Offices and Legal Entities?

Offices have merely to do with the physical space - Barcelona, St Francisco, etc; Legal Entities are related to the legal aspects, differentiating different companies or different currencies inside the same organisation.

Will the employees from different Legal Entities still be able to see each other?

Yes. Visibility permissions won't change for employees of different Legal Entities. 

Can an employee be in more than one Legal Entity?

No, an employee can only belong to one entity. If in your organisation you have employees that work in more than one market or for more than one company, we suggest that you include the employee in the main one or the one where he/ she does more hours, for example. Also take into consideration the currency in which you are operating in for the L.E. in question, since the pay-slips of the employee will be in this same currency.

Can I filter my Employees by Legal Entity?

Yes. In the tab Employees you can filter the search based on a specific Legal Entity.

Can I add a Legal Entity through my company's Excel file?

No, this action needs to be done either manually or directly throw the platform.