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Learn how to view assigned Competencies

In this short article, you will be introduced to the Competencies view in employee profiles. You will be able to see competency assessments for yourself or the people that you have permissions to.

Where do I find Competencies?

💡 In order to see competency assessments with the spider graph in employee profiles, you must be an administrator or have permissions to see competency assessments.

  • Head to the side menu and click Me to go to your own profile, or go to Employees and click on anyone you might have view permissions.
  • Click on Competencies on the top menu. Take into account that depending on several things, that menu could be under Others.

⏩ In the spider graph, all the competency ratings are normalised from 0 to 5 in order to be able to show all competencies in the same graph no matter the rating scale that was set up.

Only employees with published assessments will have a preview of competencies like the image above👆🏼. The information in competencies in the profile is non editable and serves only as information.