How Can I Create Surveys?

Get feedback from your employees through surveys

📍 Find Surveys under the name of Feedback in your menu 

How Can I Create My First Survey?

  • Click on the +Create Survey Button  - 📍Located in the upper right corner

Offboarding Survey

Configure your First Survey 

esignature Basic Info 

  • Name 
  • Anonymus answers 

Basic Info - Surveys

tasks_management Questions 

  • Add Questions 👇

Add questions



  • How Can I Archive Questions? 

    ➡ Simply click on (...) 
    ➡ Select Archive question 

Archive questions

contact-us  Supervisors

  • Add one Supervisor 👇

Add supervisor

  • How can I Remove a Supervisor?

    ➡ Click on (...) 
    ➡ Select Remove from Survey 

Remove from survey

Visualize your Participants 

  • Select the Participants Tab to: 
    ➡ Visualize your Participants 


Start the Survey 

  • Head to Configuration 
  • Click on the Set Up and Start Survey Button 

Set up survey

  • Complete the fields required: 
    ➡ Schedule 
    ➡ Start Date 
    ➡ End Date (if needed) 

Start survey

Visualize the Responses 

Once your employees have answered the survey, you can find a list of who has responded and by clicking on the arrow (pointed out), you can find their answers.

Responses right

What notifications will your employees receive?

📩 Once the Survey has been published 
📩  Three days before the Survey ends