Terminate an Employee

In the event that an employee's termination date arrives, and you want to remove his/her access to Factorial, you can terminate it and they will no longer be able to access their accounts. 

Terminate Employee

There's two different ways to Terminate an employee:
1- Through the employee section:

  • Head to Employees
  • Click on (...) of the selected Employee in question
  • Choose Terminate Employee 

2- Through the employee profil: 

  • Access your Administrator Account 
  • Head to the Employees Section
  • Select the Employee in question 
  • Click on (...) -📍 located in the upper right corner 
  • Choose Terminate Employee 

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    In both moths you'll be required to fill in the Required Fields after clicking on Terminate Employee:
    • Termination Date
    • Reasons for Termination: when clicking this option a dropdown menu will appear with a list of reasons. This will help differentiate between an employee decision or a company decision
    • Do you want to further specify the reasons?
  • Terminate *Employee*

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➡ After completing these steps ☝, you will proceed to the last Terminate Phase. In this Phase, you must select one of the reasons for leaving and finally -Terminate the employee.

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🔺 The Terminated Employee will have access to their Factorial account until 12:00 AM of the Terminated Date. 

Reactivate Terminated Employee

  • Head to the Employees section 
  • Filter your employees by past employees: employee status> is equal> past employees
  • Press Apply filters 

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  • Select the employee in question  

💡 You must reactivate the terminated employee through his/her profile section. 

  • Press in the (...) - 📍 located in the upper right corner
  • Select Activate Employee


💡 If you need to edit the employee's email that was terminated, we recommend that you do so before activating it. In case you have activated it and need to change the email, contact the employee as only he/she will be able to perform this action.

Email Notifications 

💡Administrators of each company will receive an email notification when an employee's contract will end soon or when the user is scheduled to be terminated. 

  1. 📆 An employee's contract will expire soon (an end date in16 days after notification), but the user is not scheduled to be terminated. 

  2. ⏰An employee's contract is about to expire (end date the day after the notification - tomorrow) but they are still not scheduled to be terminated. 
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