Learn How to Delegate Permissions

From this section Admins will be able to allow employees of an specific permission group to manage permissions for the rest of the company.

Where can we find Delegate Permissions? 

📢 Employees as well as Admins, will find the Delegate Permissions Section in the Company Section.
🔺 From the Company Section, employees will only see the permissions tab with all company permission groups (Admins will see everything). 

  • Head to the Company Section 
  • Select the Permissions tab
  • Go within a group 
  • Scroll down to find Delegate Permissions


How does Delegate Permissions work?  

Basically by enabling certain permissions found in the permissions delegation section, Admins will be able to grant employees belonging to that permission group the ability to enable these permissions to all permission groups in the company.

➡ For example, for my Managers Permission Group I will enable the Modify work schedules permission, now my Managers will be able to edit the Modify work schedules permission in all the permission groups that my company has.


⚪ Once you have followed these steps ⬆, the Permission Section will be enabled for your Managers and from now on, they will be able to modify the permissions related to "Work Schedules Permissions" in all permissions groups. 

This is how they will be seeing it 📷


🤓 Remember that when we enable the delegation of a specific permission in a permission group, this allows the employees from this permission group to modify this specific permission in all permission groups of the company.