Learn How to Create Shift Templates

Learn through this article how to create all the templates you need to plan your employee shifts.

Where can I Find Shift Templates?

  • Head to the Apps Section > Select the Shift Management App > Press in Settings 
  • You can also access directly through Shifts > Settings

Shift templates

How can I Create a Shift Template? 

  • Start by pressing in +add new shift template

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  • Introduce a template name, as for example: Part Time Employees Schedule
  • Confirm by pressing in set up template 

💡Once you have created the shift template, you will be redirected to the Template Edits. In here you can create different weeks to be included in this particular template.

⇒ Weeks will appear sequentially. 

How Can I Add Weeks to be Included in the Template? 

  • Start by pressing in Add new week 
  • Add the week name, as for example: 1st week of the month 

Add week shift templates

💡 Once you have added the week name, you will be redirected to the Week Settings, in here you will be able to introduce the working hours from Monday to Sunday. 

⚪ Week Settings

Just enter the shift hours you want your employees to work during that week.
By pressing the (+) you can add more shift periods during that day. 

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💡 Once you have set the working hours in the week and save them, you can now assign the shift template for a particular group of employees within a specific time period.
How? By following the steps below ⬇

How to Assign Shift Templates? 

  • Head to the Shifts section on the left column
  • Click in Add shifts
  • Select the Shift Templates option
  • Select the template you created and fill in all the information

Assign Shifts Template

🔺 Adding Shifts is not the same as Publishing Shifts!  Make sure to click on Publish Week Schedule to publish these assigned shifts effectively ⬇

How Can I Delete a Shift Template? 

👉 If you delete a template that is assigned to one or more employees, all published shifts will also be deleted. 
  • Head to the Shift Templates Settings (From Apps>Shift Management>Settings) 
  • In the list of published weeks, look at the week you want to delete and you will find on the right side the (...). Press on this and select the delete option. 

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