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Learn how to add tags to candidates

In this article we are going to show you how adding tags to the candidates can lead to a more effective and efficient hiring process.

Why add tags to the candidates?

The main purposes of adding tags when screening candidates are:

- Helps organize candidate profiles better
- Streamline the review process
- Candidate's suitability for position and improvement of company culture
- And finally, a more objective assessment. 

How do tags work?

Adding tags to the application adds them directly to the candidate's profile.
When you add a candidate from your talent pool to a job posting, the application displays the tags previously assigned to the candidate.


🚨 The hiring managers will have access and will be able to see them only if they have the new Permission: See candidate non-sensitive information.

How to assign and create tags?

There are two different ways to assign and create tags, through a job application and with Tag manager in the ATS Settings

Directly through an application:

  • Head to Recruitment
  • Select Candidates
  • Select a candidate
  • Applications 
  • Select a job application
  • You can add the tags 

Tags can be added to a candidate from the candidate's application and from the candidate's profile. When adding a tag to the suggestions, it first shows existing tags, and contextually suggests creation if the user enters a tag that doesn't exist. 

Tag manager (ATS Settings)

  • Head to Apps
  • Select Recruitment
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down to Tag manager 
  • Click on Manage tags
  • You can create and tags 

Tag Manager allows users to create, edit, or permanently delete tags. 

Creating tags before hiring begins helps hiring teams to:

- Clarify job requirements

- Provide consistent candidate evaluations

- Foster team collaboration

- Streamline the selection process.

This results in a more effective, efficient, and unbiased hiring process, leading to better hiring results.

🚨 Hiring teams are strongly encouraged to agree on a taxonomy for tagging candidates within their organization.