Learn all about Competencies

Define the skills needed for the employees to perform their job.

💡Companies will be able to define their own list of competencies. 

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Scroll until you find Competencies 
  3. Press on Install App

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Settings View

  • Head to Settings
  • Click on +Add Competency


  • Insert Name
  • Insert Description 
  • Assign a Range

💡You can define every value you wish to include in your competency. 

The competency just created will be a 'main' competency. You will be able to create various sub-competencies. The competencies will have hierarchical structure order.


👉🏽By clicking on the (+) of the main competency, you will be able to create sub-competencies. 


How to modify a Competency Assessment?

☝🏽 To modify an assessment ratings, comments or selected competencies, first you need to unpublish the assessment.

  • Click on (…)
  • Select Unpublish Assessment


How can I edit a Competency?

  • Click on (...)
  • Select Edit


👉🏽 Employees will be able to see published assessment on their profiles, if the company has the right permissions set up. 

Can I archive a competency?

☝🏽If you wish to keep the data of a competency, we recommend you archive it like that the data will be stored. 

  • Click on (...)
  • Select Archive


💡You can find archived competencies by using the Filter.



How can I unarchive a competency?

⚠️ To unarchive a competency, you must first select in the filter, to see archived competencies.
  • Press on the folder


Can I delete a competency?

  • Click on (...)
  • Select Delete


💡Once the competencies list has been created, Administrators and Managers can create assessments for the employees. 

Where can I assess the Competencies of my Employees?

✍🏽Important : Assessments created by Administrators and Managers within the Competencies feature will be accessible in the Performance section. 

  • Head to Performance 
  • Select Competencies 
  • Click on Assessments 

➡️ Through the assessments section you will be able to visualise the list of employees and create assessments for your employees. 

⚠️Below, we can see employees with no competency assignments. Any Administrator or Manager can add an assessment pressing the (+) button, an assessment with the competencies selected in the modal will appear.


Definition of Terms 📖

  • Competencies : In Factorial, competencies are a set of learned skills but also, inherent qualities that the employees have and that will directly impact how that employee can perform a determined job.
  • Assessment : A competency assessment is a way to rate those competencies against a predefined framework, depending on the needs of the company for each competency, and it’s useful for employees to understand where they are in their career path, to know what they need to do to improve in their responsibilities, and ultimately, it help companies having more successful workers.

How can I create a competency assessment for an employee?

👆🏾Only active employees (that were invited with their email and confirmed their account) can be used in competency assessments.

  • Select an Employee 
  • Press on (+)


🙌🏼You can select all competencies, you can select only a main competency or a sub competency.

💃🏼In the case you have assigned descriptions to your values, you will be able to visualise them on the name of the competency itself by clicking on the information button (i). 


As an Administrator or Manager you can add comments next to the competencies to provide visibility to your employees as to why they were assessed with such values.

  • Click on 📑
  • Provide comments in the box 

Can I edit Competencies?

  • Click on (...)
  • Select Edit Competencies

☝🏽Managers will be able to have visibility about the competencies for the employees and also generate the 9 box grid.