JobTarget FAQ's

Find in this article a list of FAQ's based on JobTarget Usage.

Q. Is there a fee to activate JobTarget Factorial's ATS Tool? 

A. No, there are no account fees to utilize the JobTarget Marketplace, but there is a $5 delivery fee on each job board selected for posting.

Q. A client account/user id is required before posting jobs via JobTarget?
A. No, the account and user ID are setup during the initial launch of JobTarget if one does not already exist. This is transparent to the user and requires no intervention.

Q. Can images or URLs be included in the job description for the posting?

A. Not yet. 

Q. If I complete the checkout process and then delete my posting before the noted expiration date, would I receive a credit from JobTarget?

A. No, JobTarget does not provide a refund for any job postings that are removed.

Q. If I remove a job from JobTarget, do I need to pay again to post it?
A. Yes, if you remove a job from JobTarget, you must pay again to post the job.

Q. When I am editing a job, do I need to add the job boards to the cart and go through the checkout process again?

A. No, the editing of a job is done within Factorial. Users can add additional boards to the edited job once the user accesses JobTarget via the Promotion tab. The original job boards are disabled so they cannot be added to the cart.

Q. How can I use my inventory from other job boards?

A. You must enter information about your job site login/inventory in the Add / Replenish Site Inventory. Once submitted, JobTarget will contact you within 48 hours via email to activate the site inventory. To activate go to the menu icon> select Add Site Inventory>Select your option based on the image below>Fill in information requested. 

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Q. Can I post a job using JobTarget in multiple languages?
A. Yes, if a job is published in multiple languages, it will get posted as a single job post. Job Titles and Job Description in all the available languages will be published together in the same job post. 

Q. If a job is auto closed and manually closed, will it be removed from all job boards?

A. Yes, if a job is auto closed or manually closed, it will be removed from all the job boards.

Q. Will Factorial bill my organization for purchases on JobTarget?

A. No, Factorial does not bill your organization for purchases on JobTarget. JobTarget charges the user a small $5 posting fee in addition to the cost of posting a job to the selected job board. It provides all the above listed benefits including delivery of your job postings, and customer support for your posting. Payments are made per transaction by credit card. If you post to multiple job boards in one transaction, amount can be paid in one payment. For more information about billing or pricing, contact JobTarget.