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Job Catalog

In this article you will understand how to use Job Catalog, a section where new clients in Factorial can create, assign and configure the roles to their employees.

What is Job Catalog? 

Thanks to the job catalog you will have a consistent database in terms of the jobs held by employees within the company. With this, you will be able to obtain a better quality of data compared to the job title since it is fed by a series of jobs pre-established in the catalog.

  • A job is the result of a role and a level. Even if two people share the same role, their responsibilities and labor conditions may vary depending on their level. Therefore, these two people are considered to be in different jobs.
    • Role → Specific activity that contributes to the company's goals.
    • Level → Degree of performance within a role

👀 Job Catalog is a page within the employee section where clients in Factorial can create, assign and configure the roles to their employees. 


How do I create a new job? 

  • Go to Employees
  • Go to Jobs 
  • Click on + New Job 
  • Fill in all the information 


🔴 Users can have as much as level as preferred only with the Enterprise plan. Only 3 levels with a Business plan. 


Role Settings: 

  • Once you submit the job you will be able to enter into the Role Settings 

👀It is possible to add more Legal entities, or levels. You will be able also to archive and unarchive the levels. You will also be able to unassign any of the legal entities related to the role.


🚨 If some employees have a role that doesn’t belong to their legal entity or their level has been archived, they will still keep this data. They can be modified from the jobs section by clicking on employees with the wrong job data.

Assign Jobs

Once you have created the roles and levels, it is possible to assign them to your company's employees in two different ways.

Once you assign a job to an employee, they will appear in the employees list of the role.


Assignation in Bulk

👀 With this feature is possible to assign jobs faster to several people at the same time.
⚠️It works for those that don't have a job assigned.

  • Go to employees
  • Click on Jobs
  • Click on employees without a role and level 


  • Edit the datas


👉 Use the checkbox next to the employees to edit the data of several employees at the same time. After selecting the checkboxes, click on modify selection.

  • Save changes

Assign the role and the level in contracts

🚨 Job title will be used instead of your role and level when filled in. The job title is a field that is used to customize the name of the employee's job. Using the role and level makes the job information more cohesive and more reliable for reporting purposes. 

  • Go to employees
  • Click on an employee.
  • Click on contracts.
  • Assign a role and a level.

Salary Ranges: 

Once you edit and save the job settings all the information of the job will be displayed 👇 

  • Go to employees
  • Click on Jobs
  • Click on the Job you created
  • Go to Salary ranges 


How to add a new salary range? 

  • Click on + New salary range up on the right 
  • Fill in all the necessary information 
  • Save the information. 


⚠️It is possible to choose to which legal entity apply this salary range, based on the policy of each legal entity. It is possible to select only the legal entities that share the same currency👇

👉👀 These salary ranges will serve as an assist in establishing an employee's gross salary both when creating employees and when modifying their contract.