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Import/Export Employees From Google Sheet via Zapier

Learn how to connect google sheets to Zapier and import employees information, clock in/clock out of the given month and importing leaves of the given month.


👩🏼‍🦰 Integration with Zapier

  1. Head to Apps in Factorial and select Zapier
  2. Log in with your company email 
  3. Head to Zapier Dashboard 

In this article, creating an employee will be used as an example to demonstrate the importation process with Google sheets via Zapier. 

☝🏽FYI : Open a google sheets with employee information (e.g. name, start date) in order to carry on with the process explained in this article. 

👁In this example you will be shown how to Import New Employees from Google Sheets via Zapier.

Step 1 : Trigger

1. Choose App & Event 

  1. Click on Create Zap 
  2. Name your Zap 
  3. You may select the platform of your choice (e.g. Google sheets) to bring information 
  4. Select the Trigger event (for importation of employees chose Google sheets) New Spreadsheet Row
  5. Click on Continue

2. Choose Account

  1. Select Google Sheets Account
  2. Choose the Spreadsheet from Google Drive (e.g. Zapier test)
  3. Choose Worksheet (e.g. page with employee information)
  4. Click on Continue

3. Set Up Trigger

  1. Click on Test Trigger
  2. Click on Continue
  3. By selecting one of the rows of the Google Sheet (e.g. Row 10), Zapier will provide all the information about the columns

This process will bring every row from your Google Sheets in the document. This can be used once to import all the employees or can also be used live.

What is implied with 'live'?

Live importation implies that every time a new row is added to the Google Sheets document, automatically a new employee will be created in Factorial. No human action will be required. 

Step 2 : Action

The action you can perform with every row from the Google Sheet document. In this case, Factorial will be connected to the process. 

1. Choose App & Event

  • Click on Action Event : Create Employee


2. Choose Account

  • Log in with your Factorial account 
  • Click on Continue

⚠️You must be already logged into Factorial in order to select it as an account and proceed with Zapier action.

3. Set Up Action

Provide all information that Factorial needs for creating an employee. 

🔆Given the previous action with Google Spreadsheets, the columns that were detected such as first name, last name or start date are available as parameter variables. 

  1. Provide your email 
  2. Insert First Name
  3. Insert Last Name
  4. You may Test & Continue
  5. Click on Turn on Zap

From now on, after activating Turn on Zap when as a Manager or Supervisor create a new row in Google Sheets for new employee, it will automatically be sent to Factorial.

🎉You have now successfully created with these two simple steps an employee in Factorial based on a Google Sheet document via Zapier.