How to use the QR code to Clock In/Out?

Learn all about the QR code tool in time tracking.

👩‍🏫 Have you activated your company domain yet? You will need it in order to activate the QR Code. How can I Register my Company's Domain?

This Feature will allow you to show a QR code on a device (iPad, laptop, Smartphone) at the entrance of your offices so that your employees can scan their QR code through the Factorial App. Once they slide the clock-in button, the QR code will show. 

How do I Activate the Entrance App URL?

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Select Time Tracking 
  3. Press Settings 
  4. Acces to one Time Tracking Policy 
  5. Go to Policy Settings
  6. Activate Entrance App 
  7. Click on Copy Entrance App URL 

Once the Copy Entrance App URL has been copied ☝ , you will be able to paste it into one of the previously mentioned devices. Once done, your employees will be able to clock in with the QR code.

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🔺 For security motives, this URL will update automatically every 30 seconds.