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How to use Desky as a User

Desky is an innovative software that turns any office into a flexible work space. In this article employees and other users will learn how to book workspaces in Desky.

How to book a hot Desk or a Meeting Room 

⏹️ Click here to log into your Desky account.

🔓 To access Desky, you need to be invited first and verify your account.

⭐ You can be invited and have access to as many different companies to access their workspaces as you need (as administrator or user). Easily access each one within your profile.

  • Log into your Desky account.
  • Select a date for that you want to make a booking. That way you can see which seats are already taken. 
  • Choose a hot desk or a meeting room by clicking on it. 
  • Click on Start Booking.
  • Choose a date (and a time if you are booking the meeting room).
  • Click on Confirm. You will be forwarded to an overview of your bookings.

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💡 There is no limit to the number of your bookings.

Access another floor

🔺 This is only available when an administrator created different workspaces.

  • Click on the drop-down menu on the top left 
  • Choose a floor

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Manage Bookings

Every user, no matter if admin or not, can book rooms.

  • Click on your profile -📍in the top right corner
  • Choose Your Bookings.
  • Filter between desks and meeting rooms.
  • To delete a booking, click on cancel.

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✉️ After the booking the user will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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The Profile

In your Profile you can change your profile photo, name and surname.

  • Click on your profile -📍in the top right corner
  • Choose Profile

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Access to different companies

👥 A user can now have access to different companies with one profile, no matter if you are an administrator or a normal user. You just need to be invited to the different companies.

How to switch between companies within one profile:

  • Click on your profile icon - 📍 to right corner
  • Choose the company you want to access 

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