How to Set your Employees Probationary Period?

Do you want to know when your employees' probationary period ends? By following the steps in this article you will be able to create end-of-term reminders so that you never miss them.

📢 Article intended for accounts with an Enterprise plan! 

1. Start by Creating a Custom Field 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Customization 
  • Head to Custom Fields and add a new custom field called "Trial Period"

2.  Continue by going to your employee's profile and filling in the Trial Period Field. 

Simply select between the two options and click on submit 

3. Make sure that the Contract Start Date is set!  As the trial period will be counted from the this start date. 

  • Head to the Employee Profile 
  • Select Contract
  • Edit the Start Date

4. Finish by Creating the 2 Workflows (3 months & 6 months). 

  • Head to Company 
  • Press in More-Workflows 
  • Create the first workflow by pressing in the (+) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

(End of Trial Period - 3 months)
Follow the steps shown in the gif ⬇

  • Once the changes have been saved, remember to enable the workflow ⬇

(End of Trial Period - 6 months)

💡 You will only have to change the condition>trial period. The best workaround is to duplicate the workflow you previously created and edit the 3 month period to 6 month period. (Follow the steps shown in the gif below ⬇)