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How to Set Up Payroll Management? 

Set up Payroll Management like a pro for proper communication flows between Factorial and your Bookkeeper.

🔺 There is certain information that can only be introduced once, make sure to submit it correctly. 

Set Up Payroll Management ⚙

check Basic Settings:

Add a Country and a Bookkeeper.

tasks_management Employee Data:

Add information related to payroll: gross salary, social security number, bank account, etc.

common-file-text-upload Payroll supplements:

 Create a list of payroll supplements: 

  • Click on ⚙/Edit 
  • Click on + Add one option 
  • Press Edit Custom Field 


document-approved Payroll Workflows:

These are default workflow automations created by Factorial 👇

Payroll workflows

 report-library Default Folders  

Payroll folders information

  • Click on the --> to be redirected to the folder 

Payroll documents