How to perform the Pay Equity Template through Factorial HR?

Through this report you will obtain the necessary information to be able to keep a salary record of your employees by gender in compliance with Royal Decree 902/2020 (concerning equal pay for women and men).

📈 With these reports you can analyze the salary data corresponding to each employee by gender and filter them by professional category in order to know the % assigned to men and women. 

📝 Create a Report with your employees' company information:

Employee ID
First name
Last name 
Contribution group 
Professional category 
Contract start date 
Contract end date 
Total basic salary 
Total salary supplements 

The following data will need to be created through custom fields

  • Employee ID
  • Contribution group
  • Professional category

⚪ Create a Report: How can I Create a Report?

→ Follow the data shown in the capture:

💡 Once you have completed the report, download it to your computer. The report will be downloaded in a .csv format, perform the following steps to transform it to an excel format. 

In order to convert the .csv Report into a format that Excel can read, we will have to follow these steps:

  1.  Download the document in .csv format 
  2.  Open a new Excel spreadsheet
  3. Go to the Data tab > From text to .csv > Click and select the .csv file
  4. Upload 
  5. In the "Origin of the file" tab - the first one on the left - select Unicode (FTC-8). (This is needed for Excel to be able to read the "Ñ" letter and other special characters). 
  6. Select "Upload document"

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