How to Modify a Format to PDF when Importing Documents in Bulk

In this short article, we will provide you a solution to modify a document to PDF format when importing documents in bulk. In some cases, the platform doesn't give you the option to import a PDF format.

What is the problem?

👇🏽There are times when you attempt to upload a PDF document in the Documents in Bulk, the document will load but will provide a blank document.

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What is the solution?

🖥 The solutions will vary based on the operating system your computer is. Therefore, we will provide an explanation for Windows and Mac. 

 Mac Operating System

  • Open the PDF document onto Google Chrome 
  • Press on the Printer Logo 
  • Find More Paramaters 
  • Press Open PDF in Preview
  • Head to Folder > Save of the preview

Windows Operating System 

  • Right click on the document
  • Open PDF with an explorer (Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome)
  • Once the document is open, click on the printer 
  • Find the option 'Save as PDF'
  • Click & Save

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☝🏽In case of trouble when downloading a PDF document, remember to make use of the printing option to generate a new PDF without bugs.